Oklahoma/Amarillo Presenting Teams
Mike and Melody Andrews

Contact Mike and Melody Andrews Email Phone: (405) 831-5392 (Pleasse leave a message)

Mike and Gina Dougherty

Contact Mike and Gina Dougherty Email Phone: 405-834-6627

Patrick and Virginia Kratochvil

Contact Patrick and Virginia Kratochvil Email Phone: (806) 654-0066; (806) 654-0067

Bryan and Karen Berland

Contact Bryan and Karen Berland Email Phone: 405-850-4274

Rick and Bev Feller

Contact Rick and Bev Feller Email Phone: (405) 323-9119

Doug and Judy Payne

Contact Doug and Judy Payne Email Phone: 405-651-8559

Brian and Angela Riddle Presenting Team

Contact Brian and Angela Riddle Email Phone: 615-796-8190