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Inviting Other Couples - Sharing the Dream

How much do you value what you received on your "Weekend"?

Worldwide Marriage Encounter promotes open, honest, tender and trusting relationships between husband and wife, between priests and religious and their communities and each person's relationship with God.

Through living the concepts of the weekend, your sacrament will come alive.  You are called to be evangelizers by being witnesses of God's love to others.  That is your best inviting method.   We've also had a lot of success with personal invitations from one couple to another.  When you begin telling others about the wonderful experience you had, they're likely to start asking questions. 

Please click on the printable flyer to the left to print and give to your friends.  If you have any further questions about inviting and sharing WWME with your parish, contact: John and Tena Franklin at

Inviting Your Priest - Sharing the Dream

The co-responsibility of couples and priests is another important dimension of WWME's charism.  Our weekend experience requires the presence of both.  The leadership of our movement at every level is comprised of a priest and couple working side by side, an ecclesial team, joining the strength of the Sacrament of Marriage to the strength of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  A vital model for Church is created to empower couples to grow in their marriage and family.

Pope John Paul once said that priests come to their priesthood by seeing the love of their mother and father.

The blessings of priests in our ministry gives couples a personal understanding of a priest's relationship with his people and a way to see the parallels of holiness with their own sacrament.  If also gives priests a weekend  where they can experience the sacrament of marriage through the couples presenting the weekend, as well as the transformation of couples on the weekends.

Please talk with your priests about your weekend experience and ask them to go on a weekend for themselves.  In talking with priests about the wonderful experience you had, they're likely to start asking questions.  And just to help you out, we have listed some of the more popular frequently asked questions for priests, here.

Please click on the printable flyer to the right to give to your priest.

Parish Bulletin Ads

Have you noticed our Worldwide Marriage Encounter ads in your parish bulletin?  How often are they in there?  If you don't see them often or at all, please reach out to your parish office about including our ads so other couples in your parish can learn about this ministry.  Besides personal invitations, bulletin ads are the single best venue to share the good news about what Worldwide Marriage Encounter can do for our marriages.

For more information about bulletin ads in your parish bulletin, please contact John and Tena Franklin at